Thriving Kids Therapy does an excellent job providing services to our school. The occupational therapist is responsive and has some great proactive strategies for students.  She has been a collaborative member of the special ed team, and is an excellent resource for our teachers.

–Ted, school principal

Erin was my son’s Occupational Therapist for 2 years.  Erin was excellent in her skills with my son who had severe sensory issues in most areas, and although she was my son’s 8th OT, she was the first therapist who actually explained his issues and taught me how to help him be more settled and centered in our everyday lives. Since her time with him, he is more organized in his everyday life, he is able to soothe himself and will ask me to put lotion on his arms and legs–all of which he could not even tolerate before Erin worked with him. My son has a quality of life he never would have had before, and I cannot express how much gratitude I have towards her.

–Lisa, mom to CJ

Erin and I first met in the school year of 2008. She was a supervisor for the clinic I worked at and later on became my supervisor. Throughout the years that we worked together, she demonstrated a deep passion for what she did. She was a great supervisor and a very experienced therapist. She was gentle and professional to everyone she worked with and treated. She was not only able to work well with educational professionals, but also able to better advocate for her clients and their families. She demonstrated strong social and good communication skills that made people feel comfortable to work with her. 

–Grace, occupational therapy practitioner

I consider it a privilege to recommend Thriving Kids Therapy and the services of their pediatric OT clinic.   I am a Special Education teacher and I had the wonderful experience of working with one of their therapists when she was assigned to provide Occupational Therapy to several of my students.  She was the consummate professional.  In addition to keeping a prompt schedule and maintaining clear communication, she actively pursued a collaborative relationship with me and my student’s parents, understanding that putting the child’s interests first requires teamwork.  She not only helped my students meet therapy goals, but often enabled them to progress far beyond initial expectations.  Her gift of kindness and patience enabled her to work very well with some of my most difficult students.   As a qualified and capable therapist she does not veer from her focus of progress for the child regardless of obstacles.  I feel so fortunate that my students and I were given the opportunity to benefit from our therapist’s expertise.

–April, Special Education Teacher

I have been a pediatric OT since 2006. Erin was my direct supervisor early on, and her leadership, guidance and approachability have been unmatched thus far. As a therapist, she always brought fresh ideas and a caring, yet professional attitude.

 –Emily, occupational therapy practitioner

I had the sheer privilege to work with Erin in my Special Day Class which services students with Autism. It was such a blessing to work with “Ms. Erin”…she has a true gift in working with special needs children. My students responded well to Erin’s calm manner, her fun spirit, engaging activities, and her caring demeanor. My students as well as myself could feel her dedication to each students individual needs. Ms. Erin is a phenomenal Occupational Therapist! Not only does she perform her duties as a thorough and professional OT, she is a great instructor in teaching and educating others how to carry out continued therapy to maintain learned skills. I still use many of her techniques and activities to this day!

–Delilah Perriott, Education Specialist – ASRD (Autism Spectrum-Related Disorders) Program

I had the opportunity to work closely with Erin when we ran pre-school groups together.  I loved how she always came up with fun, educational and comprehensive lesson plans!  She is a great therapist to go to for ideas, advice and most of all support.  Erin loves her job and any child would be lucky to work with her!

–Cheryl, occupational therapy practitioner

Erin, I just wanted to let you know that you have done an incredible job.  I have not seen so many great sessions in quite some time.  You have a wonderful talent, and you use it well with these children.  In the two years that I have [worked with her], I have never seen Lindsay have such a good session.  I literally looked at her today and was just stunned by how much she looked like any other child, as before that was so much not the truth.  Don’t forget that you have taken part in this job with Lindsay, and I hope you remember it always.  Just keep doing what you have been doing and no doubt you will go beyond the horizon.  Thank you for allowing me to treat with you.

–Courtney,  Aide

I have worked with Erin for the last several years.  She has been my supervising OTR in a school setting.  We provided therapeutic services to students ranging from 3 years to 21 years of age with a variety of disabilities.  Erin is very knowledgeable and responsible in her position.  She completes all evaluations in a timely manner and consults with the treating therapist regarding outcomes and goals to be considered.  She is always available to assist with students and to brainstorm treatments and modifications.  Her knowledge regarding school based therapy is very thorough.  Erin is very familiar with all evaluations utilized for school based therapy and is able to relay the information to staff and parents so they are able to understand the results and the goals that were written for the student.  All staff thought very highly of Erin, that she was easy to get along with, responsible and had many good ideas that she passed along to the staff.  Erin is also very thorough.  She was able to reorganize and update all continuing education programs that were available to the therapy staff.  She took charge and implemented staff in services, benefitting all therapists who worked in the school setting.  It was a pleasure to work alongside of Erin and benefit from her knowledge and expertise. 

–Lee, occupational therapy practitioner, BS Ed./employee

As a fellow OT, I had the pleasure to work with Erin for four years. During that time I was continually impressed by her therapy style. She has a remarkable ability to connect with her kiddos and work with the families. Her treatment sessions not only showed her creativity, but brought forth creativity and interaction from the children as well. I’ve learned a lot from Erin over the years, and I would highly recommend her to anyone needing occupational therapy services.

–Farah, occupational therapy practitioner

I have had the pleasure of having a personal and professional relationship with Erin since 2003. As a college student, observing her passion and pleasure for her occupation inspired me to follow in her footsteps.  In 2006, I began my journey in occupational therapy school and throughout the stages of my education I had the opportunity to shadow her in several different pediatric settings over the course of five years. What I admired most was not only her ability to be selflessly devoted to the well being of her patients but her profound ability to be patient.  She creates challenges and guides children through obstacles in methods I have never observed before, all while fostering and cultivating a healthy learning environment. Erin understands that although children will all reach developmental milestones, no child is the same. Her intervention and treatment approaches administered with that thought in mind. In our profession, it is not to be taken lightly the impact working with a child and their family leaves on their lives. Erin has never taken this jewel for granted and works tirelessly to creatively ignite growth for brighter future I the lives of everyone she encounters. Today, I have been working as a pediatric occupational therapist for two years and still keep with me the lessons in leadership, generosity, and patience observing her has taught me. I am not only a better OT from working with her but a better person from knowing her.

–Amanda, Pediatric occupational therapy practitioner

As a requirement for Occupational Therapy school a student must shadow before applying to Graduate Programs. By chance I found Thriving Kids and set up a shadowing session. Erin was an amazing shadowing host. It was clear she is passionate about the field and was very knowledgeable. I was able to gain a better understanding about the OTs role in the school system and she even gave advice about graduate school. Erin has an amazing gift and I am happy to have learned from her during my journey to become an Occupational Therapist!
–Lonai Noble, future occupational therapy practitioner